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Chongqing Tai top Power Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Chongqing Banan District Nan Quan town tigers Village Industrial Park, is a set of general machinery, gasoline engine, gasoline generator, gasoline engine water pump, micro tillage machine and other related products, manufacturing and sales as one of the professional company.

Since the establishment of the company, always adhere to the "quality first" as the basic principle, in production, logistics, quality control, strict accordance with IS09001 - 2000 version of the system implementation of management and operation, to ensure the excellent quality products. The company now has a number of modern professional and small general production, testing line, a variety of production, testing equipment for dozens of sets, with an annual output of 200000 sets of small general-purpose machine.

Company to provide secure and reliable small general machinery as their responsibility, condensed the group, including technology, management and sales in general machinery industry elite, since its inception and to the human resources strategy of "people-oriented" enable their respective positions enjoy playing on his intelligence. Company's existing staff of 100 people, including senior staff of more than 30%. Companies in a variety of channels in a variety of ways introduced talents, adhere to retain key employees, mining potential employees of policy, adhere to equal emphasis on experience and ability, optimize their knowledge structure, to maintain the vitality of enterprises and power. Ensure the smooth realization of the strategic objectives of corporate human resources, to create a professional management team of a and corporate shares a common fate with the breath, and has the professional skills of staff, to build a harmonious enterprise platform.

Company to build the production system and will continue to improve international and domestic sales system, and gradually build Thai top brand, adhere to the "customer first, continuous innovation, provide traveler personalized product plan and characteristic service" business principles, to achieve business growth, realization of China as a manufacturing machinery general powers and power to contribute their strength.